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Creating Personal Reality

You are a offspring of God, a miniaturized version of First Source ... in fact, you are a Creator. Your thoughts and feelings are not isolated elements that you alone are aware of — they are energetic impulses that fan-out and interact with the universal quantum field at every moment. The invisible quantum field is nothing materially and all things potentially, and the entire physical universe and all realities and dimensions are continually being born and supported from it.

And so you are sitting in, and completely surrounded and saturated by the invisible, universal quantum field ... and it is listening to you. It is constantly reacting, adjusting, replying to you and reflecting what you are saying, thinking, believing, not believing, dreaming
and feeling. It responds to the sum total of your vibrations — what you are offering All That Is — be it good, bad, indifferent or anything in between.

The way the quantum field responds to what you are offering it, is by forming custom-made environments around you, for you to experience. You call those environments “reality” as they compose your life and all that you experience. These custom-made environments are a match to your current vibrations or those of your past.

Furthermore, you are not an island, but are co-creating personal and group realities with other Creators ... so that whole groups of you to can experience, share and explore the same realities. Everything from heaven to hell is created and experienced in this way.

Hence, the ever-changing reality of your life, is something that you have helped create, and in fact it is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, dreams, beliefs, doubts, memories, hopes, fears, and subtlest vibrations. In the sequencing of Creation the internal begets the external. In other words: personal reality is created from the inside-out
Seth Speaks
Eventually, each Creator comes to realize that when she changes her thoughts and feelings, the personal reality that she is experiencing transforms as well, and reflects her inner changes. She realizes that somehow, the universe is mirroring her thoughts and feelings. This is the beginning of the process to stop creating personal reality by default (unconsciously), but to actually be the master of the creation process and form personal realities that are more harmonious in nature, and in-tune with the highest desires and vision of the soul.

The vision of the future that I align with, sees the natural holistic orchestration of humankind’s ideas, technology, wisdom, healing and new mythology. The orchestration will reach a level of complexity and coherence whereby doors will open that reveal new abilities to work in unison and do realistic, purposeful, reality engineering via the re-imaging of our society, culture and purpose.

Do you think it is possible to align our energies to a most desirable future? Can we summon the vision, thoughts and feelings of such a future to us? Collectively we are a vehicle of First Source, and as such are innately endowed with ITS exploratory virtuosity. I say: to see, feel, and experience a reflection of the Golden Age long prophesied — here and now! ... in our Personal Inner Holograms — is well within our abilities. In fact .... it is our roles as Creators and midwives of the future.

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