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ATI = All That Is
ATIN = All That Is Network
CHEF = Collective Human Electromagnetic Field
CPR = Creating Personal Reality
EM = Electromagnetic
EMF = Electromagnetic Field
ET = Event Temples
FOL = Family of Light
FS = First Source
GM = Genetic Mind
HEF = Human Electromagnetic Field
HU = Holographic Universe
HI = Human Instrument
IHEF = Individual Human Electromagnetic Field
ISL = Intelligent Soul Language
IZ = Interface Zone
LTO = Lyricus Teaching Order
MEST = Matter, Energy, Space & Time
MOTE = Minutia Of The Esoteric
MV = Multiverse
OLIN = OLIN Technology
OB = Out of Body
OBE = Out of Body Experience
QCS = Quiet Center of Stillness
PIH = Personal Inner Hologram
PIH = Personal Inner Hologram
RF = Resonant Family
RV = Remote Viewing
SCN = Soul Connection Network
SI = Sovereign Integral
SIN = Sovereign Integral Network
SFT = Stories for Transformation
TZ = Tributary Zones
WN = Wholeness Navigator
WM = Wingmakers
WMM = Wingmakers Materials

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