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Glossary Glossary
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Abbreviations Key

All That Is
All That Is Network
Ancient Arrow Project
Astronomical Glossary
Attestation Period
Central Race
Creating Personal Reality
Event Strings
Evolution & the Concept of Time
Family of Light
Fields of Vibration
First Source
Genetic Mind
Grand Portal
Hologram & Holographic
Holographic Replay Technique
Holographic Universe
Human Instrument
Indigo Child
Intelligent Soul Language
Interface Zone
James Clerk Maxwell

Mirror Neurons
Myth & Mythology
New Earth
OLIN Technology
Out of Body Experience
Personal Inner Hologram
Personal Mythology
Quantum Community
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Field
Quantum Field Address
Quantum Superposition
Quiet Center of Stillness
Remote Viewing
Resonant Family
Secret Root
Sensory Data Streams

Soul Carrier
Soul Connection Network
Source Codes
Source Intelligence
Source Reality
Sovereign Entity
Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe
Sovereign Integral
Sovereign Integral Network
Stories for Transformation
Symmetry of Spheres
Traveler of the Sky
Tributary Zones
Universe of Wholeness
Wholeness Navigator
Wholeness Perspective

Soul Carrier

The physical body plus the mind and emotions, are literally the vehicle that carry the conscious, immortal soul around so that it may experience the physical plane in time and space. The soul carrier is a temporary vehicle, and the soul incarnates into many of them across thousands of years of time, so as to have a full range of human experience and explore creation from a multitude of perspectives, as different human beings, in a wide variety of cultures, and as a thousand different personalities. (Please read the definition of soul, to help put “soul carrier” in the context that is proposed on this website.)

Once a person realizes the expanded, eternal nature of soul, and that fragments of it are inhabiting an incredibly diverse range of bodies, personalities and cultures — simultaneously ... at this moment — then the individual naturally begins to align to the soul’s perspective. As an expression of All That Is, the individual then begins creating personal and group realities from the energetic and wisdom basis that “I am another you.”

With this wholistic understanding of the immortal soul, the soul carriers that the soul temporarily occupies, and that reincarnation is a method of movement used by souls as they interact with human evolution and planetary life — this broad, far-seeing, all-encompassing perspective is used as a tool to guide nations and humanity to a more enlightened way of conduct.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Sovereign Integral NetworkClick here to read the essay: “Soul Carrier.”

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Soul Connection Network

The inner, telepathic, communication network of the human species by which people share thoughts, feelings, dreams, inspiration, and discoveries with each other. Every being has a personal connection to the network, inside themselves, but once they are connected and flowing with the collective thoughts of others, then the experience can be described as not only personal, but also self-less and non-local.

Click here to go to the “Soul Connection Network” section on this website that is composed of 5 essays describing how we telepahically communicate.

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Source Codes

Source Codes are embedded “activators” that are present within the soul consciousness. They serve the specific purpose of awakening a human being to the multidimensional nature of the soul and the liberating information that is stored within the soul’s consciousness. Source Codes are somewhat analogous to the genetic coding of DNA to the extent that they activate specific blueprints of transformation that accelerate and facilitate the expansion of consciousness. In effect, Source Codes catalyze the awakening of an individual and encourage her or him to make the quantum leap from the traditional identity as a socialized human to an infinitely expanded identity as a sovereign entity — a multidimensional, quantum field-based immortal soul — that is aware of its connection to All That Is.

Click here to jump to “Sensory Data Streams” in this Glossary.

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Source Intelligence

Spirit itself. Source Intelligence is the energy-consciousness of First Source that is cast into all worlds, all dimensions, all realities, all life forms, all times and places. Source Intelligence is the First Source projected into All That Is. It is, in effect, the "eyes and ears" of First Source, and its role is principally involved in expressing, upholding, and sustaining the will of First Source. On a more personal level, it is a liberating force of energy-intelligence that serves to accelerate the expansion of consciousness and assist those who desire to unlimit themselves.

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Source Reality

First Source exists in Source Reality. Source Reality is the dimension of consciousness that is always pushing the envelope of expansion — the leading edge of development and evolution for the whole of consciousness. In this realm of dynamic expansion is always found Source Reality. It can be likened to the inner sanctum of First Source or the incubator of cosmological expansion.

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Sovereign Entity

The human aware of its connection to All That Is. The human being aware of its soul and interconnectedness to All by spirit through Source Intelligence.

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Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe

Also known as SECU — pronounced SeeQue. What we call humans, the Wingmakers call Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe. SECUs are the alpha and omega. They are not time-bound nor restrained by the adornments of bodies. They are the primal form finished and honed to the perfection of their Creator, and in this, all humans are the same. The Wingmakers propose that the humanoid species is part of a much larger, incredibly diverse galactic family, and it is precisely for this reason that humanity will come to understand itself as a SECU first, and human second.

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Sovereign Integral

The Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the soul and all of its various forms of expression and perception are integrated into a conscious wholeness.
The Sovereign Integral is the core identity of the individual. It is the convergence of the experiential worlds of time and space with the innate knowledge of First Source that was hidden within the individual at the time of its birth. It is the gathering of all created experiences and all instinctive knowledge. This is a state of consciousness that all souls are evolving towards, and at some point, each will reach a state of transformation that allows the soul and its numerous instruments of experience (the multitude of human bodies and incarnations that it is experiencing, simultaneously) to become an integrated expression that is aligned and in harmony with Source Intelligence.

“What most species define as the ultimate bliss is merely the impression of the Sovereign Integral whispering to its outposts of form and nudging them to look within to their roots of existence and unite with this formless and limitless intelligence that pervades all.”
— From Chamber 1 Philosophy: Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral. Download as a pdf file from our Free Downloads section.

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Sovereign Integral Network

This is a Wingmaker term for a sub-atomic network of light-encoded filaments that extends throughout the entire multidimensional universe. Threads of light from Source Reality connect every life form at soul level to all other souls ... and to First Source. (I believe this is what I’m calling the All That Is Network.)

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Sovereign Integral NetworkClick here to read the essay: “The Sovereign Integral Network.”

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Sovereignty is a state of completeness and inter-connectedness. It is recognizing that as a human being you have an individuated spirit force that animates your physical, emotional, and mental aspects, and that through this spirit you are complete and connected to all other life forms through the Universal Spirit Consciousness (Source Intelligence). Sovereign beings understand that they alone create their reality and that they are responsible for their life-experience. They also understand that all other life forms are equally sovereign and that they also create their unique realities. Sovereignty allows that the source of liberating information is contained within the Self, and all that is needed to create new realities is also contained within the Self. It is the point of empowerment and connection to all through the frequency of love.

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Stories for Transformation™

Stories for Transformation is the easy-to-use self-help program offered by this website. It is a collection of short stories that form a safe, incredibly simple, user-friendly tool for personal transformation.

By simply reading our stories, a person’s energy is influenced through the exchange of subtle energies between the holographic worlds of the stories and the vibrating heart and mind of the reader. This program is a unique adventure into the exciting new realms of personal mythology, sacred positive psychology and mirror neurons. It brings forth the natural abilities of the soul to transform, navigate, and create inner reality.

These transformational stories are designed to gently expand the reader’s internal imagery, feelings and beliefs in highly positive and benevolent directions. This process reveals and unlocks the orchestrated fields of awareness that are native to the soul as it pulses into creation from the quantum center of the Universe ... through your own quiet center of stillness, within.

The simple purpose behind this project is to help the reader shift to more harmonious states of being. Such intimate, often outwardly-invisible transformations are significant achievements for any individual. They are also the necessary forerunners to providing a sheltered womb for the incubation of a grand and precious dream ... a dream of wholeness so profound that it transcends our present life and this world. Encoded within these stories is the essence of a remarkable vision — not only of you, dear Reader, but of humanity’s future as well.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Stories for TransformationClick here to read the essay: “Stories for Transformation.”

Click here to go to the “Stories for Transformation” portal on this website.

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Summoning happens inside yourself ... in your mind and heart. It is the act of using your attention, will, feelings, energy and imagination, to tune-into something — it can be anything — and you make it appear in your Personal Inner Hologram. What you are doing is dynamically interacting with the quantum field, and requesting certain holographic material to come and stand before you, in the luminous landscape of your Personal Inner Hologram, so you can experience it.

The "things" you summon can be anything in the universe, both real and imagined, as everything is silently and invisibly stored in the quantum field. Hence, you may call forth the image of any object, a person (living or dead, real or imagined), memories, events and situations in the past or future, dreams, fears, inspirations, possibilities for the future and on and on ...

Summoning is "Dialing-In" but with a more spiritual, passionate flair. Via summoning, not only can you call forth holographic material and have it appear before you, for you to experienced, but it’s also a vital part of the creative process in how personal reality and group realities can be designed, nurtured, and created.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Dialing-InClick here to read the long definition of “Dialing-In,” which is the same as “Summoning” but with more of a scientific flair.

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Symmetry of Spheres

The Great Story & the Symmetry of SpheresThis is the name for a compelling story told by the Lyricus Teaching Order, that goes like this:

Within this century — in the next three generations — an influx of advanced souls will be incarnating into the physical dimension on Earth. This movement of advanced entities is known as the Symmetry of Spheres and is designed to move humankind in specific, positive, expansive ways. The Symmetry of Spheres is part of the normal evolutionary process that occurs on life bearing planets throughout the Seventh Super Universe ... planets that are home to three-dimensional human populations.

These advanced souls — most of whom are not from this solar system — are encoded with predispositions to be transformers of the energies and cultures that they are born into. Commonly known as Indigo Children they are members of a great community of souls called the Family of Light or the Tribe of Light, and the first wave of these beings are already here. By the year 2080, there will be over 200 million in physical incarnations on the planet. They are the transformers who will bring symmetry to the asymmetrical physical, emotional, and psychic realms of humanity. Ultimately, they will create profound innovations in the fields of science, art, and philosophy. The leaders of this movement will be responsible for the discovery, clarification and the distribution of knowledge pertaining to the irrefutable scientific proof that the true essence and core identity of every human being is an eternal soul.

This “discovery” is an actual event that is scheduled to occur around the year 2080. Known as the Grand Portal Discovery, it is the crowning achievement of a terrestrial-based human population. It produces profound changes throughout society as every individual and institution composing the whole civilization orients itself to its true identify and the understanding that comes with it. This will begin the Golden Age that has been seen and felt in the deepest recesses of our being since before our first sojourn to the physical realms of the Grand Universe.

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Traveler of the Sky

Traveler of the Sky is the first character in the opening prologue that begins the
Ancient Arrow Project story. This story is part of the mythology shared with modern day humanity by the Lyricus Teaching Order and it is designed to expand the beliefs and evolutionary consciousness of the reader.

Traveler of the Sky The story opens 1,200 years ago with Traveler of the Sky on a journey through the beautiful red rock desert of Northern New Mexico as she “entered a steep canyon in a dreamlike fog, drawn by a towering rock structure that seemed to clutch the sky.” She was a member of the Chakobsa tribe whose offspring became the Anastazi Indians. Traveler of the Sky was leader of the tribe’s shamans, a group known as the
Self Knowers. On her buckskins, over her heart, was an ink print of her right hand in blue-violet ink with tiny white beads attached, signifying a starlit sky — a reference to her name. Traveler of the Sky has an extraordinary spiritual experience in which she meets the Shining Ones — the Wingmakers — who reveal her origins, purpose and a glimpse of her future.

As the story unfolds, she reincarnates in modern times as a woman named Samantha, who is working as a remote viewing telepath for a secret organization. This powerful organization discovers the ancient artifacts left behind by the Wingmakers from the time of Traveler of the Sky and in the area of the desert in which she lived.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Traveler of the SkyClick here to read “Teka’s Notes on Traveler of the Sky.”
Ancient Arrow Project PrologueClick here to read the “Ancient Arrow Project Prologue.”

Click here to jump to the “Ancient Arrow Project” in this Glossary.

Ancient Arrow ProjectClick here to download the
Ancient Arrow Project,
a 259 page pdf e-book, 1.5mb.

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Tributary Zones

Tributary Zones are catalysts for awakening the Wholeness Navigator within the human instrument for the purpose of helping humanity discover the Grand Portal. They are separated into three distinct categories:
Super Universe-Based, Galactic-Based, and Planetary-Based Tributary Zones.

A Tributary Zone is a body of knowledge or teaching which is used for the upliftment of a species. The galactic Tributary Zones are huge repositories of knowledge and wisdom. They are said to exist at the center of our galaxy and are accessible according to the degree of development of any particular soul.

Individuals who have reached some particular developmental level are given the opportunity of entering these Tributary Zones during sleep or even in deep meditation. They are accompanied by a guide or teacher of Lyricus.

The knowledge brought back from such a visit is usually in the form of inspiration or a sudden idea or “breakthrough” in understanding a problem. The actual experience of having visited the Tributary Zone is not recalled, but the vital information is available for use. This new inspiration or knowledge is not of a personal nature, but is meant to be of service to the world in some way. It might be scientific, religious, economic, or artistic, but it will contribute to the betterment of the world.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
Tributary ZonesClick here to read the essay: “Tributary Zones.”

Click here to visit the “Tributary Zones” section on this website.

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Universe of Wholeness

The Universe of Wholeness is the aggregate of all dimensions and realities. It is unified and inter-connected through Source Intelligence. It is dynamic and always in a state of experimental change and evolution. It is simply too vast and dynamic to comprehend or to establish a measurement of any kind.

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Wholeness Navigator

A Wingmaker term for the soul. It is the core wisdom that draws the human instrument to perceive fragmentary existence as a passageway to wholeness and unity. The heart of the soul and individuated spirit that pulls the human into alignment with expanded soul consciousness — from which the human instrument sees itself as an extension. The Wholeness Navigator shepherds the human instrument and the human soul to unify and operate as a single, sovereign being interconnected with all other beings. The Wholeness Navigator is the gravitational force that forms the purposeful clustering of Sovereign Integrals, reigning in sovereignty from the limitations of existences perceived as being separate and self-sufficient.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
The Wholeness NavigatorClick here to read the essay: “The Wholeness Navigator.”

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Wholeness Perspective

The human instrument, because it is fragmented and limited to five-senses, truly desires the Wholeness Perspective; a way to absorb life experience, process it, and move on to the next thing with grace and ease. This is what is desired, no matter what name is used to describe it. Wholeness is accepting all realities and moving through them with a feeling of integration, unity, equality, and non-judgment. It means there are no dualities that are real. It means that all experience is equal and grounded in the transcendent reality of the One That Is All. And most importantly, it means that the One That Is All is you, me, him, her, it, that, and those. Nothing is excluded or rejected.

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  The Story of the Central Race
The Wingmakers are a fascinating, integrated mythological expression told through the mediums of art, music, philosophy, science and cosmology ... and also the symbolic name for a sub-race of beings in the Central Race. Cosmologically and genetically-speaking, the Central Race are the parents from which humanity was born. {To learn more about the mythology of the Central Race, you are invited to download the essay to the right, or read the web page version of it.}

The Central Race is the most ancient in the universe, as they are the first, original beings created by God (First Source). They are eternal souls who inhabit refined bodies made of pure light — they are “God fragments” you might say. As first-generation embodiments of First Source, they are living beacons of love, light, wisdom and power. These luminous entities may appear to us as being Gods, but they are actually US — they are our past and future selves. A conscious particle of a Wingmaker is the activating life force that lives inside the human body, and it is the very essence of each of us. It is our immortal soul. But that conscious particle originated from First Source, hence, the essence in you is an offspring of the Creator, Itself.

The Wingmakers are a specialized faction of the Central Race who are responsible for the evolutionary progress of the human species, wherever it appears throughout the Super Universe. The name “WingMakers” is a term that is translated from the native language of the Central Race that does not easily translate to human definitions, and it is an energetically-encoded word that will resonate with select individuals now and in the future.

The stories of the Wingmakers as now told on Earth, are part of the mythological expression of the Lyricus Teaching Order, who’s members are mostly Wingmakers. Embedded in the Wingmakers’ materials are subtle codes of energy that are designed to be absorbed through the senses and assimilated into the energetic make-up of the people who are drawn to read, view, study and contemplate the materials offered. For certain individuals (see Symmetry of Spheres) the assimilated source codes catalyze the awakening and expansion of consciousness in highly positive and mystical ways. These people are the students, scientists, scholars, psychologists, and artists that will uncover and disseminate the Grand Portal, which is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. This discovery is the crowning achievement of human evolution, and will profoundly transform and uplift, all aspects of civilization, from top to bottom.

The scientific proof that establishes the eternal soul as the fundamental identity of human beings is the prime event that humanity is steadily nearing. Its arrival is estimated to be around the year 2080. The Wingmakers’ materials, and others like them, are catalysts for incarnating souls who are part of the Grand Portal Discovery. Humanity is acquiring this discovery as a natural part of its evolutionary course ... a process that eventually happens to all human civilizations wherever they are found throughout the Universe.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
The WingmakersClick here to read the essay: “The Wingmakers.”
Click here to jump to “Lyricus.” in the Glossary.
Click here to jump to “Event Temples.” in the Glossary.
Click here to jump to the “Ancient Arrow Project.” in the Glossary.


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