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Glossary Glossary
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Abbreviations Key

All That Is
All That Is Network
Ancient Arrow Project
Astronomical Glossary
Attestation Period
Central Race
Creating Personal Reality
Event Strings
Evolution & the Concept of Time
Family of Light
Fields of Vibration
First Source
Genetic Mind
Grand Portal
Hologram & Holographic
Holographic Replay Technique
Holographic Universe
Human Instrument
Indigo Child
Intelligent Soul Language
Interface Zone
James Clerk Maxwell

Mirror Neurons
Myth & Mythology
New Earth
OLIN Technology
Out of Body Experience
Personal Inner Hologram
Personal Mythology
Quantum Community
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Field
Quantum Field Address
Quantum Superposition
Quiet Center of Stillness
Remote Viewing
Resonant Family
Secret Root
Sensory Data Streams

Soul Carrier
Soul Connection Network
Source Codes
Source Intelligence
Source Reality
Sovereign Entity
Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe
Sovereign Integral
Sovereign Integral Network
Stories for Transformation
Symmetry of Spheres
Traveler of the Sky
Tributary Zones
Universe of Wholeness
Wholeness Navigator
Wholeness Perspective


Visit the official website of the Lyricus Teaching Order.

The Lyricus Teaching Order originates in the Central Race of the 7th Super Universe. Within the Central Race is a sub-race known symbolically as the WingMakers. Within the WingMakers there is a specific order of beings that are collectively known as Lyricus, and it is this group that is responsible for assembling and exporting the knowledge base necessary for a developing humanoid species to scientifically prove the existence of soul and establish the science of multidimensional reality as the nucleus knowledge system of the species.

  The Story of the Central Race
Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines: the fields of genetics, neo-sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, cultural evolution, and the Sovereign Integral. Lyricus is not focused exclusively on philosophy or spiritual teachings. Again: its central purpose is the irrefutable discovery of the immortal, humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race, except that the teachers of Lyricus place a much more significant emphasis on the nexus of the integrated sciences and arts. Nonetheless, they are a faction of the Central Race and bear responsibility for shepherding a species to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the essay: “Lyricus.”

Related topics in the Glossary:
Click here to jump to the “Wingmakers”.
Click here to jump to “Event Temples”.
Click here to jump to the “Ancient Arrow Project”.

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The physical dimension of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

“The MEST universe is the most exterial view of the multiverse, and those who identify with it as their true home are living in ignorance.”

— Relationships of Lyricus to the Human Species

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Introduction to Mirror Neurons
Mirror Neurons

Neuroscientists have discovered specialized cells in the brain, called mirror neurons, that spontaneously create brain-to-brain links between people. This means that our brain waves, chemistry and feelings can literally be mirroring those of people who we are communicating with, reading stories about, watching on television, or simply thinking about. This is perfectly natural and has been happening all along. It allows us to instantly empathize with others and to know what they are feeling and experiencing.

Visit the Mirror Neurons page in the New Psychology section, which is one the most often-visited pages on this whole website.

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Minutia Of The Esoteric.

I appreciate what James, a member of Lyricus and the principle current contributor to the Wingmakers Materials, says about MOTE:

It is not a coincidence that Lyricus refers to this condition of exterial inquiry and speculation as MOTE. A mote around a castle is a form of protection and fortification. Think of your personal universe as a metaphor for a castle — MOTE as the mote — and the cosmos or external universe as the potential enemy for whom your mote is designed to repel. If you construct a mote you only do so if you believe the external will invade the internal and somehow weaken, diminish, or even destroy it. In the sequencing of creation the internal begets the external and thus, no mote is required, unless of course, the creator is unsure of their creation. This is the key element to ponder.”

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The multi-dimensional universe. Also known as the Universe of Wholeness.

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Myth & Mythology

On this website, the words “myth” and “mythology” are used in this spirit and context:

“All reality is a myth. Myth becomes ever nearer to reality.”
— the Buddha

“A story invented as a veiled explanation of a truth.”
— Webster’s Dictionary

“A metaphor for what lies behind the visible world.”
— Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

“Myth embodies the nearest approach to absolute truth that can be stated in words.”
— A.K. Coomaraswamy, Hinduism & Buddhism

A myth is a story. In the context of the Personal Inner Hologram, everything is mythical as the entire universe — of “reality,” memory and imagination — is reflected on the same inner screen and made with exactly the same raw materials. Therefore, everything that you see, feel and experience in your inner hologram is made of light, images, sounds, space and energetic impulses that are woven together to make concepts and stories that are often identifiable and understandable to you, the viewer. The content of your hologram ... the material that you see, experience, discuss and interacting with
inside yourself ... you call that “your life” and it forms your personal reality.

Visit the
Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the essay: “Myth & Mythology.”

Click here to jump to “Personal Mythology” in the Glossary.

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New Earth

The “New Earth” is a highly attractive vision of our future that millions of people are seeing, feeling, and engaging with
inside themselves. To some, this vision is dim and they surround it with feelings of doubt and disbelief. To others it is brilliant, electrifying, and understood to be a reality of clear possibility that calls forth and encourages our deepest, wisest and most loving aspects of our Self.

Currently, the New Earth is an inner realm composed of thoughts, images, visions, feelings and inspiration. It lives in the collective mind of the species as holographic content. Anyone with a willing heart can dial into it, as it exists in the storage banks of the universal quantum field and is accessed through the normal functioning of your attention, feelings and inner vision. It as an inner realm that can be seen and felt by one and all ... but, how you respond to it is up to you.

People who realize that physical dimension reality can be created and shaped by the feelings, energy and imagery that we hold inside our hearts and mind, purposely align their deepest energies to the New Earth Realm so that its holographic content flows through their inner world, for them to see and experience it. In this way, they test drive the New Earth as a future reality, and those who like what they see and feel can, in a sense, become incubators for it, here on the physical plane.

The power to preview and create reality through what we see, feel and share inside ourselves is recognized by the planet's most brilliant minds:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
— Albert Einstein

Though inner holographic content originating from the same source is translated by each individual in a unique way, still, the collective vision of the New Earth Realm is one that sees the planet’s major environmental problems solved, and the human species living in harmony through the creation of a more profound culture and noble purpose.

Click here to visit the “The Great Story & the New Earth” section of this site.

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OLIN Technology

“OLIN" stands for
One Language Intelligence Network, of which the Internet is the forerunner. This is a term used by the Wingmakers. In their projections for the near future, the Wingmakers say that not before 2008 but ubiquitous by 2016, a meta-language will be introduced “that translates both real-time written and spoken applications thus revolutionizing the collective mind of the species global construct.” It will later “create multi-dimensional content that carries its viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.”

Visit the
Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the long definition of “OLIN Technology.”

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The spherical orb-like shape is one of the most essential and common forms in the Universe. There are orb-shapes as small as atoms and up to the size of soap bubbles ... even planets are giant orb-shaped spheres. And, of course, the materials composing orb-shaped things range from light, to water, to the densest matter.

The types of “light” orbs that appear in digital photos fall into 3 categories:

   • water particles suspended in air
   • dust particles suspended in air
   • centers of consciousness

Centers of consciousness orbs are the most fascinating to me and they have a history in cultures going back at least to ancient Egypt. In digital photos, the orbs of consciousness can be any color in the rainbow, but when you examine them closely they often have many colors within their spherical form, many will have textures or additional visual features, and some will have a nucleus. These orbs can appear quite large in photos — up to several feet across — but the vast majority seem to be a few inches in diameter. The essay at the link below discusses orbs of consciousness in greater detail and has several photos and pieces of art.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
OrbsClick here to read the essay: “Mysterious & Beautiful Orbs.”

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Out of Body Experience (OBE)

The conscious Out of Body Experience takes place in here-and-now awareness. It is an experience in which the individual perceives herself to be an awake functional center of consciousness that is no longer contained within or limited by the physical body ... but is now operating
outside of it. In a commonly-had OB experience, you as the observing consciousness, are in close physical proximity to your physical body, but you are not in it ... you are looking at your body from a position above it. For instance, your visual point of view may be near the ceiling of a room that your body is in, and you are wide-awake — thinking and feeling — and looking down at your body and the physical surroundings in the room. Then, from that location, you find yourself able to move as a form of consciousness simply by willing to do so, and you do not need your body to move around the room, go into other rooms, or even pass through walls and go outside and experience the trees, neighbor-hood, sky and stars.

In other OB experiences, the functional center of here-and-now presence that is YOU — awake and aware and free from the limitations of the body — may visit locations, environments and/or people anywhere on the planet. The same functional OB conscious-ness can visit other dimensions beyond the strictly physical, or you may find yourself visiting and experiencing a luminous portals between dimensions — between "this world and the next" you might say.

Conscious out of body experiences can occur during near death experiences and they happen to everyone at the time of the passing away of their physical body. Also, some people are able to have OB experiences repeatedly, anytime they please — at will. They are able to leave their physical body, and steer their awareness to any destination they desire, so that they may explore and experience the places, beings, thoughts, energies, environments, situations, lifetimes and worlds that they are interested in.

You are invited to look a these features of consciousness as being utterly and completely natural. They are so normal ... they are more a part of your essence than your hands and feet ... as you body will come and go, but you will always travel on the wings of consciousness to new bodies, new worlds, new lifetimes and to other dimensions. And so, Out of Body Experiences might be called a part of the normal functioning and rhythms of consciousness ... a normal part of simply being alive. It takes place as part of normal here-and-now experience. It happens unconsciously ... and can happen consciously.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
OBEClick here to read the essay: “Out of Body Experience.”  This essay is also available as a free pdf file that you can download, print, keep and share with others. Find it in our Free Downloads section.

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Personal Inner Hologram

Your personal hologram is a fusion of “inner” and “outer” realities in the crucible of inward-oriented awareness. To see it and interact with it, all you need to do is turn your attention around and look at what you are experiencing inside yourself. The attention that normally flows outward to the external world, is turned inward to look at the thoughts, feelings, dreams, spaces, environments, and characters that populate the Inner World.

You will notice that not only do your thoughts, feelings and memories live inside of you, but the entire external world flows through your senses and is projected into your luminous inner environment. In your personal hologram, images of the outside world exist side-by-side with the images and movies of your thoughts, feelings, dreams and worlds of imagination ... all are made of the same materials, seen on the same screens, and stored in the same place.

The whole universe and all its dimensions — all the worlds and characters, both real and imagined — live in your hologram. Each seemingly separate individual or thing that appears before your inner vision, exist as luminous structures made of light, sound, space and transmits feelings. Everything is imbued with its own consciousness and identity. Each part is actually a hologram itself. Everything exists as a universe inside a universe. You might say that an infinite number of smaller holograms live in the hologram of our Whole Self.

You are a dynamic, resonate, conscious, spiritual atmosphere. By your very nature, you instantly fly on the wings of inner, non-local perception (in the Personal Inner Hologram) to the quantum field addresses that your energy system is aligned to. If you do not go to places directed by your conscious will and highest intentions, then you usually fly to destinations that are dialed-into by default. That is, your energy is pre-set to tune-into inner places that have a certain look & feel, and will give you certain experiences that are found in the realms that your heart-brain system is use to interacting with.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the essay: “The Personal Inner Hologram.”

Click here to visit the “Personal Inner Hologram” section of this site.

Click here to go to our Free Downloads section that has a fascinating visual essay titled
“The Routine Functioning of the Personal Inner Hologram.”

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Personal Mythology

The conscious, wide-awake use of special stories that have personal meaning and symbology to an individual, to deliberately catalyze positive and expansive shifts in one’s beliefs, feelings, powers of imagination and energies. By simply reading and contemplating such a story — perhaps repeatedly and over a period of time — a person’s energy is influenced through the exchange of subtle energies between the holographic worlds of the stories and the vibrating heart and mind of the reader. Recent scientific research has revealed that when we read a book, the brain’s mirror neuron system responds as if we are actually doing what the book character is doing. The Stories for Transformation energy project, that is freely available on this site, is an example of personal myth stories and describes how they are used.

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The natural orchestration and unification of thoughts, feelings, intelligence, intuition and inner energies ... as a synchronized, resonant, here-and-now, wholeness. Psycho-coherence is often expressed in individuals and groups as a singular aliveness that tends to run smoothly, and knows instinctively how to be centered, orchestrated, and how to re-balance itself when out of balance. There is a certain feeling of symmetry ... a symmetry of souls you might say ... that radiates an innate inner beauty as a result of balance and harmonious, vibrational alignment.

Psycho-coherence does not repel chaos ... it accepts it and sees it as part of the universe and life. In this way, it allows the natural unification force that runs through All That Is to balance chaos with order. Psycho-coherence is the smooth operation of the Whole, reflected in its infinite parts, and through the body-mind-emotions of an individual or group.

By the creative use of meditation, music, art, and reading certain materials, one can stimulate brain chemistry and neuro-net structures to become synchronized and produce a natural, fluid orchestration of consciousness. An individual's inner space called the Interface Zone, can be managed in a way that will produce greater psycho-coherence, and allow her to migrate to new levels of vibrational harmony.

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An evolution in understanding, from the Traditional to the Sacred:

Traditional Psychology is the study of the human mind, emotions and behaviors. But, what it has turned into is a science and industry that is oriented to mental and emotional problems, and attempts to fix them.

Positive Psychology is the study and practice of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, families and communities to thrive. It celebrates human resilience and emotional strengths. Simply put: positive psychology believes in people and in the innate goodness of human nature. It explores the heart, mind and behaviors to discover what makes people happy, content, peaceful, loving, compassionate and understanding. Positive psychology is oriented to living from the heart. It feels the many textures of energy available in all of life — positive, negative and every shade in between — and chooses to live, love, attract and grow in positive-oriented energies.

The New Psychology is everything that positive psychology is, with the addition that it sees the foundation of the mind and emotions of a human being to be based in Infinity. One could say that the new psychology is positive psychology with a Buddhist flavor. Hence, the infinite stillness and peace of the Universe are seen as part of the foundation from which emotional and mental processes emerge. Furthermore, a person’s mental and emotional flow are not isolated, but are part of a social energy complex that is shared with other like-minded and like-hearted beings, telepathically. The new psychology also celebrates and explores the seemingly miraculous abilities of self-healing and self-balancing, that are present in various degrees as part of the original, natural make-up of all beings.

Sacred Psychology is everything that new psychology is, with the addition that it sees the immortal soul as the essence of a human being and the offspring of Prime Creator. Hence: sacred psychology understands that the essence behind the evolving mind-emotions-behavior complex of a physical dimension human is an intelligent, spiritually-oriented, quantum being, who is rooted in mystical infinity. It sees the mind-emotions-behaviors as vehicles for the soul to sense, explore and to transform creation. A being’s thoughts, feelings and dreams are set in an infinitely well-orchestrated, entangled, multi-dimensional Universe.

As a multi-dimensional being, the soul literally has parts of itself in many dimensions, simultaneously. The mental processes and behaviors composing a body-mind vehicle that the soul uses to explore a dimension, transmits subtle energies and holographic impressions to other parts of itself that are using different body-mind vehicles to experience other dimensions. This sharing of energies, psychic information, knowledge and wisdom across dimensions are taken into account in sacred psychology.

Click here to visit the “The New Psychology” section of this site, which is currently composed of 4 essays.

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Quantum Community  (aka: Resonant Family)

Click here and jump to the definition of Resonant Family.
Quantum Entanglement

Entanglement is a very real, well proven, quantum phenomenon in which two or more things become intimately connected with one another — as if they are, in effect, the same entity. Whatever happens to one of the entangled parts immediately affects the other parts, wherever they may be in the universe. Communication between things that are entangled happens simultaneously, regardless of the distance separating them. This means that such communication happens faster than the speed of light. Hence, the entangled relationship is beyond the classically perceived boundaries of time and space.

The mechanism behind entanglement is not understood by scientists. One proposed theory suggests that all particles were once compacted tightly together, and as a consequence they maintain an essential connectedness and intimate unity.

In the world of science, Einstein dreamed up the idea of entanglement in early 1935, calling it “spooky action at a distance.” Physicist Erwin Schrödinger came up with the name “entanglement” later in the same year. It did not take long to prove that entanglement truly existed, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it was clearly demonstrated and accepted by the scientific community as a fact. In recent years, Dr. Dean Radin, senior scientist for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has shown by evidence from thousands of controlled lab tests that psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis are real, and prove that human consciousness is entangled. Currently, much work is being done by the brightest minds around the world, focusing on how to harness the powers of entanglement to develop systems for quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and ground and space-based communications.

In the world of many mystics, meditators, children, lovers, artists, poets and musicians, the property of entanglement has always been known, celebrated and shared. Science is just catching up to their understanding, and proving them to be right all along.

In the world of the soul, entanglement is simply the way things are. It is a most beautiful aspect in the foundational structure of the infinitely well-orchestrated universe.

Please visit our
In the News section — the Frontiers of Technology page and the Physics page — to read news stories about how entanglement is being explored and its potentials for use in the technology used by everyone.

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Quantum Field

The invisible quantum field is nothing materially and all things potentially. The entire physical universe and all realities and dimensions are continually being born and supported from it. In the quantum field are the organizing principles that give shape to the formation of the multidimensional universe. It is the background potential and primary resource that is everywhere and always, and encoded in it are all the possibilities for the existence, structure, movement and lifestyle of everything from a single atom to the largest family of galaxies. Comfortable tucked away in its silent depths are all the memories, dreams, visions, feelings and imaginations of all the beings who’ve ever lived, anywhere, in anytime, in all dimensions in the Grand Universe. Hence, the quantum field is not only, in a sense, the Mother-Father principle behind the universe, but its also a vast, invisible storage vault for everything that has ever happened, will happen, can happen ... and even the encoded potential and dream for those things that will never be. Time and space come from the quantum field, but they have no influence on it.

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Quantum Field Address

Everything in existence, both real and imagined, has a unique vibration and all are enfolded into the universal quantum field. Hence, everything has its own vibrational “place” in the quantum field which is called an “address.” Each address is a library of the holographic content associated with it. Every individual is tuned-into the quantum field addresses of the things that make-up the reality of their lives, and the holographic content associated with these addresses are continually appearing and disappearing in their thoughts, memories and feelings. The inner theater where one sees and interacts with their thoughts, memories and feelings is called the Personal Inner Hologram.

This process is set on the default mode for most people as nearly everyone re-creates versions of the same personal reality over and over again. The are dialed into the same quantum field addresses so that they may experience the same holographic content (and personal reality) over and over again in their daily lives. The familiarity makes them feel safe for the time being as their personal identity and beliefs do not need to change or expand.

However, through the use of your attention, you can dial into any quantum field address that you please, which will stimulate the flow of its holographic content into your Personal Inner Hologram. This process can be initiated by an individual’s energy, intention and imagination, as these are the tools used by your attention to dial into specific quantum field destinations.

You can imagine where this can go, as personal reality is created by the holographic content that one is repeatedly dialing into. Therefore, one can train themselves to dial into quantum field addresses of spectacular harmony, creativity, wonder and beauty. Again: any quantum field address can be dialed into and experienced ... including those that can solve civilizations current problems and also addresses that are aligned with the creation of a more unified, profound culture and purpose for humankind.

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Quantum Superposition

Superposition is a principle of quantum theory that describes a highly fascinating, seemingly mystical concept about the nature and behavior of matter and forces. This principle claims that while we do not know what the state of any object is, it is actually in all possible states simultaneously, as long as we don't look to check. It is our attention itself that instantly and spontaneously causes the object to appear before us as a single possibility.

The theory also suggests that an observer’s expectations and beliefs are set as preferences within the powers of one’s attention. And, the beliefs and expectations of the observer are always and spontaneously inteacting with the quantum nature of “things”, making them appear in ways that the observer
expects them to. This implies that the universe surrounding an observer is highly responsive to her attention, beliefs and subtlest energies, and it makes custom-made realites for her to experience that are aligned to her beliefs.

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Quiet Center of Stillness

Inside yourself — located at the core of your being — is a place of stillness, emptiness, and peace. For your entire life you’ve known that it is there, but you’ve largely ignored it. But now, times are changing for many of you ... You find yourself reaching out to that eternal stillness and serenity.

The quiet stillness exists behind every thought and feeling you’ve ever had. It is a center that is everywhere, and who’s circumference is no where.

You will notice that your center of stillness has no name, but is vast, empty, accepting and benevolent ... as all the contents of your Personal Inner Hologram — and everything in the universe — seems to swirl out of this center that is everywhere.

The Quiet Center of Stillness that you are feeling and experiencing first-hand, has been referred to in all religions and by the greatest saints and mystics of all time. It is the Mother-Father principle of Creation, as everything is rooted in it, has its existence in it, flows to and from it, and is intimately and eternally connected to it. The stillness that you sense and feel inside yourself, is the same stillness that I sense and feel inside myself, and is the same that Christ, the Buddha, Rumi and Muhammad felt ... it is the same that meditators, poets, artist, song writers, the thoughtful and prayerful, feel and lose themselves in.

The most fascinating feature of the Quiet Center of Stillness is this: The exact center of the stillness in you ... is the exact same center in me. That is: in the center of our centers, there is no separate “you” or “me” as our individualities have completely disappeared. We have returned to Source and are It. You might call it First Source, as it seems to be the single, original source of All That Is.

Click here to go to the “Quiet Center of Stillness” section of this site where there are 3 essays on this topic.

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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing, astral projection & astral travel are all related, and they use the same features of consciousness that allows you (the observer) to see, feel and experience places, beings and environments that are not located in the strictly physical dimension that surrounds your body.

Here is a general description of what it is and how its done:

First — quiet the mind, and clear it of chatter and the concerns of daily life. Then, using your attention, concentration and energy, you dial-into a specific place, situation, thing or person. You can use your imagination to “key-it-up” and help zero-in on the specific frequency and quantum field address of the object you are interested in seeing and experiencing. With rapt attention, you stay focused inside yourself, and like magic ... holographic content associated with the place or object of interest begins swirling into view — within the luminous theater of your Personal Inner Hologram.

Visit the Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the essay: "Remote Viewing.”
pageClick here to read the essay: “Out of Body Experience,” which is related to Remote Viewing.

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Resonant Family  (aka: Quantum Community)

A group of like-thinking and like-feeling beings, who can be anywhere on the planet, who are sharing the same thoughts, feelings, dreams, inspirations, impulses and discoveries on the inner telepathic network of our species: the Soul Connection Network.

Click here to visit the “Resonant Families” section of this website.

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Secret Root

The subtle carrier of information leading one to see the One That Is All and the All That Is One. It is the facet of First Source in human beings that attracts them to the life of Sovereign Integral consciousness. All existence has a secret root that spirals into the uncharted realms of First Source.
Sensory Data Streams

Integrated, multimedia content in the forms of art, music, video, as well as written and spoken words that are designed to catalyze and accelerate the development of soul-oriented awareness.
{The Soul Connection Network family of websites are virtual libraries of sensory data streams.}

Sensory data streams are specialized creations that awaken, expand and harmonize the hearts, minds and subtle energy systems of the people who engage with them. For aligning to your soul’s quantum presence, it is recommended that you focus on finding the sensory data streams that most beautifully resonate with your awareness — inspiring content that you feel will help you to greater self-orchestration, self-healing, self-realization, self-mastery and tranquility.

Click here to jump to “Source Codes” in this Glossary.
Click here to go to the “Sensory Data Streams” page in our Links section.
Click here to go to Soul Connection TV.

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Also known as Entity, God Fragment, God Particle and an Immortal Spiritual Being (IS-BE).

You are a soul.

The soul is an individuated spirit — an offspring of the Creator of the Universe. Strip everything away, Dear One, and you remain as a pure, immortal, conscious, blissful spiritual presence.

A fragment of God lives within your physical body and that spiritual presence is the real You. It is your original identity. It is what and who you are.

The primary nature of an Immortal Spiritual Being, or soul, is that it lives in a timeless state of “is”, and the only reason for its existence is that it decides to “be”. (This is the origins of the phrase "IS-BE” ... another name for “soul”.)

It is the soul consciousness that incarnates into physical human bodies in order to collect experiences that evolve and transform its understanding and appreciation of existence. The soul is the hub of the wheel through which all of its outposts of form and expression converge throughout the continuum of time and space. The soul is sovereign and simultaneously interconnected with all life through the Universal Spirit Consciousness. It is the animating energy within all life forms, and it is always in search of higher understanding and expression. The soul lives in a realm of timelessness in which all experiences that happen in the realms of linear time are seen as happening at the same time — NOW — the eternal moment.

The soul may simultaneously live in, activate, and have experiences through thousands of human bodies in as many incarnations, spread across 200,000 years of linear time in the physical dimension of Earth. To a single incarnation, in a single body of a specific time period, it will seem to be the one and only existence. But to the soul, ALL of its lives are occurring at the same time — in Nowness. The soul consciousness is the “hub” around which its multitude of human bodies in all its incarnations connect to it like spokes of a wheel.

Physical space requires that soul — which is non-physical — be carried in an instrument of protection, perception, and interaction (the physical body, mind and emotional complex, which is called the soul carrier). It is through this membrane of perception and expression that the immortal soul can transform the physical environment, and in this process transform itself. It is this exchange of energy between the individuated consciousness and the species’ soul carrier that enables the species to transform from a planetary, terrestrially-oriented animal to an interdimensional spiritual force.

Once a person realizes the expanded, eternal nature of soul, and that fragments of it are inhabiting an incredibly diverse range of bodies, personalities and cultures — simultaneously ... at this moment the individual naturally begins to align to the perspective, and create personal reality from the energetic and wisdom basis that thinks and feels: “I am another you.”

Hence, with this wholistic understanding of the eternal soul and the soul carriers that it temporarily occupies, and that reincarnation is the method of operation used by the soul as it interacts with human evolution and planetary life ... this broad, far-seeing, all-encompassing perspective will be used as a tool to guide nations and humanity to more enlightened perspectives, life styles and cultures.


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