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Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
ART BY:  Teka | Wingmakers

The visionary artwork of the Wingmakers

he Wingmakers Materials are catalysts for the expansion of the evolutionary consciousness, a fragment of which is inside each of us. These materials consist of a collection of enigmatic and mystical art, music, philosophy, new physics and remarkable, beautifully integrated stories. These materials are brought to the public by an anonymous source known simply as James. They are as much a spiritual revelation as a mind-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity. Presented here is a sampling of the mystical art of the Wingmakers.

When you click on the small images to see the larger versions, the larger images are appearing from the Wingmakers website. All Wingmakers artwork is ©Copyright, WingMakers LLC 1998–2007. Printing of the Wingmakers art for personal use is permitted, however, they are not intended for commercial resale, and this is strictly forbidden.

{36 images}

Chamber 2 Chamber 3 Chamber 4 Chamber 6
Chamber 7 Chamber 8 Chamber 9 Chamber 11
Chamber 12 Chamber 15 Chamber 17 Chamber 18
Chamber 20 Chamber 21 Chamber 22 Inside the mythical Chamber 22 with Emily
Chamber 23 Chamber 24 Wholeness Navigator symbol Anasazi & Heart Portal
Wholeness Navigator symbol Attired in fate Seldom is light understood as sound The highest will of a foreign heaven has found you
Heart of All Things Glyph Portal Symbolic photo of the Wingmakers for the Ancient Arrow Project story Hakomi Chambers 4-6 music CD cover
Remember Remember Depiction of the Life Carriers Inivitation to Vastness
The Universe is Plural Nebula Message Quintessence Formula Eye-Brain Dominance
gold spiral small
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