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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration

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  The Gold Ring
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The Gold Ring

This one-of-a-kind web experience is composed of over 160 videos. Each video takes participants on a 4–10 minute journey of beautiful graphics, mesmerizing music, and harmonious energies that rise on a foundation of spoken-word inner cosmic knowledge and universal love.

he Gold Ring is the Game of Enlightenment. It is a continuing process of role playing into becoming an ascended master, teacher, wayshower and follower of the higher path.

In everyday terms of reality there is a shift that is occurring. The game of enlightenment, the Gold Ring, is played everyday and all the time. It involves the giving and receiving of cosmic energy and the purification and alignment of the aura and chakras of the self, the planet and galaxy.

This game involves using the mind to overcome reaction and move into creation. Each player is moving from a limited reactive third dimensional body with a fourth dimensional drama to a fifth dimensional spirit engaged in a multidimensional reality. You begin the game where you are and the game of enlightenment never ends as it is joy, expansion, health, wisdom and love all rolled into one exciting and powerful creative life.

In the beginning of the game there are things upon the earth or Terra that are difficult as many spirits here are caught up in low astral energy that causes them to get entangled with others in awful displays of abusive controlling power dramas with those who are powerless weak victims that allow themselves to be used.

The Wayshowers are many who are becoming awakened and helping the ones who have been abused and the perpetrators of abuse. They bring information on the laws and subjects of attraction, separation, polarity, correspondence, inclusion, allowing and other important communications from the Teachers of Light or from the source of Higher Intelligence.

Ashes & Snow Ashes & Snow

his truly is a web experience of rare beauty and love ... a journey of sensory data streams that intertwine incredible one-of-a-kind photos, brief flash movies, poetic phrases and intoxicating soundscapes.

INSTRUCTIONS: When you go to the link above, and the home page opens up, click on the Enhanced Experience button on the left. Then, when the next page opens, click the link at the to, titled “Experience.” Once you get into the heart of the exhibit, as your mouse naturally travels across the pages, you will see small images come forward — each is a link (or a portal, you might say) — click on any that you like and you will be taken to other pages ... and deeper into the journey.

NOTE: The way these website features function, through a cascade of imagery that comes and goes under your cooperative control, and how you can use each image as a portal to other images and new worlds for you to see and experience, is a brilliant reflection of how our Personal Inner Hologram works.

Your computer needs a broadband connection to see this website properly.

Want more Ashes & Snow? Click here to zoom to our Video section where you can watch several breathtaking Ashes & Snow movies.

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