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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration

Video and Interactive Media: Shamanic Healing

Elisa Vargas FernandezSongs of gratefulness by Amazon shaman Elisa Vargas FernandezVideo Theater

Amazon medicine woman Elisa Vargas Fernandez sings beautiful icaros during an ayahuasca ceremony. She sings to the plants before they are picked.

Troy Casey, who took these videos, describes his experiences:

“I was enamoured with her voice. The first time i heard it i cried. When i met her in person and heard her sing i wept very deeply. She seems to have tools or keys for me. I was in the Peruvian Amazon shooting a documentary about rain forest preservation and herbal medicine. Her icaros have touched my life so deeply. My intention is to make this available for humanity as these songs are tools to open the heart.”

CREDIT: Troy Casey, Amazon Herb and Refugio Alti Plano shamanic healing center.

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