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Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
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Galleries of Inspiration

Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration

Video and Interactive Media: Encoded Sensory Data Streams

Integrated, multimedia content designed to catalyze and
accelerate the development of soul-oriented awareness.

Wingmakers Chamber 4 PaintingFlash VideoIntro to the Wingmakers & Lyricus
{6 minutes}

This Flash movie provides a compelling look at the origins and purpose of the and websites. Haunting music and striking imagery combine with an informative documentary-style narrative that provides an excellent overview of this mystical and catalyzing work.

CREDIT: This movie is playing from the Wingmakers website.

The Gold RingThe Gold Ring Video Theater
{12 movies}

The Gold Ring is the Game of Enlightenment. It is a continuing process of role playing into becoming a wayshower, an ascended master, a teacher and follower of the higher path.

In everyday terms of reality there is a shift that is occurring. The game of enlightenment, the Gold Ring, is played everyday and all the time. It involves the giving and receiving of cosmic energy and the purification and alignment of the aura and chakras of the self, the planet and galaxy.

Each video takes participants on a 4–10 minute journey of beautiful graphics, mesmerizing music, and harmonious energies that rise on a foundation of spoken-word inner cosmic knowledge and universal love.

CREDIT: The Gold Ring.

Liquid BuddhaOpen-Eyed Meditations by Liquid Buddha:

{6 minutes}

Elegant Shapes I
{3 minutes}

Elegant Shapes II
{4 minutes}

Elegant Shapes III
{2 minutes}

Experience the synergy of spirituality and technology in these inspiring visual meditations. Sacred geometric shapes mirror connections between nature and man, mind and spirit, and time and space. These open-eye meditations will create a space for you to meditate and reflect ... a place to be at peace in an often hectic world. Through these abstract and kinetic expressions, be inspired & rejuvenated.

CREDIT: Liquid Buddha

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