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Galleries of Inspiration

Pleiadian Being
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration

Video and Interactive Media: Inner Cosmos

Earth in WindowFlaxh VideoJoseph Campbell on Myths & Dreams

Join Joseph Campbell as he unlocks the profound insights and shares the deeper meaning contained within global myths and what they mean for the future.

CREDITS: This movie is playing on the Global MindShift website. It originated from The Power of Myth series with Bill Moyers.

Joseph CampbellFlaxh VideoJoseph Campbell on Consciousness

We are the consciousness of the earth, Joseph Campbell explains. The power of myth is to bring us into a consciousness that is spiritual, and raise our consciousness to another level.

CREDITS: This movie is playing on the Global MindShift website. It originated from The Power of Myth series with Bill Moyers.

Neuroscientist Daniel GlaserVideoMirror Neurons

In your brain are special cells that read the minds of others. Dubbed mirror neurons, these cells fire in response to the “reflection” of another person. Whether you smile or watch another smile, the neurons in your brain respond exactly the same. That is, your brain perfectly mirrors the emotion and experience of others (energetically, holographically and chemically-speaking) as if you are having the emotion or experience yourself — first-hand. Neuroscientists believe mirror neurons are what allows us to feel empathy and compassion for others, as our brains use “mirroring” to translate what we see so that we can relate to each other and the world.

“Mirror neurons may well become this century’s equivalent of the mid-20th century discovery of DNA,” writes Robert Sylwester, emeritus professor of education at the University of Oregon.

“New brain imaging from UCLA demonstrates that specialized brain cells, known as mirror neurons, activate both when we observe the actions of others and when we simply read sentences describing the same action. When we read a book, these specialized cells respond as if we are actually doing what the book character is doing.” [NOTE: This new, groundbreaking science is remarkable support for why and how our Stories for Transformation work.]

Mirror neurons may be a key to enhancing our evolutionary process. Knowing that personal and group realities are largely created from the inside-out, we can carefully select optimal sensory data streams that reflect wholeness, unity, profound harmony and inspiration. Humankind’s creations and relationships in the outer world ... mirror what we are seeing, feeling and creating in our collective inner worlds.

CREDIT: This movie is playing from the NOVA Science Now section of the PBS website.

Global Mind Shift's "Wombat"Flash VideoWombat

The wombat speaks, and he’s smarter than you, so listen up! In less than a minute, this rapid-fire animation tells you everything you need to know about how to get along on earth for the next million years.

CREDIT: Playing from the Global MindShift website.

Global Mind ShiftFlash VideoWhat is a global mind shift?

Introduction to a “global mind shift” and why we need a new world view that is bigger and more wholistic than our current, dominant view of the world and the life upon it.

CREDIT: Playing from the Global MindShift website.

Duane ElginFlash VideoBounce or crash?

A powerful video on the choice before us: to pull apart in conflict, or to pull together in cooperation.

Duane Elgin is a noted futurist, author, speaker, educator, consultant and media activist. He is the co-author, with Joseph Campbell and others, of
Changing Images of Man, and the primary author of report, Global Consciousness Change: Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm.

CREDIT: Playing from the Global MindShift website.

Jean HoustonYouTubeExploring the new field of Social Artistry

Human potential pioneer, philosopher, author and behavioral scientist Dr. Jean Houston introduces her Social Artistry leadership program.

“We invite you to change the world! Social Artistry seeks to build an alternative planetary society based on the principles of democracy, sustainable development, human-based needs and values, universal human rights, environmental protection, social justice, equality and the sovereignty and dignity of all peoples worldwide.” — Jean Houston

CREDIT: Playing from the Social Artistry website.

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