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Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
ART BY:  Teka | Wingmakers

GALLERIES of INSPIRATION > Images for Transformation: The visionary art of Teka Luttrell

Images for Transformation > The visionary art of Teka Luttrell

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You Are the Infinite Being
Soul Connection's Crux Ansata Harmonic Hearts Rise of the Radiant Godess Light of the Jungle Woman

    Personal Bio
his gallery features more than 80 pieces of visionary art depicting the mysteries of holographic awareness, the Personal Inner Hologram, the infinitely well-orchestrated multidimensional Universe, and the nature of our essence: the immortal soul.

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Free Downloads in our Sharing Section where several of my most popular pieces are available as large jpgs for your website, printable posters, wallpaper and as greeting cards.
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