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Welcome to the Galleries of Inspiration on the Soul Connection Network
website. This page is for the story "The Leaf" by Teka Luttrell.

Soul Stories by Teka Luttrell

Below is my version of a story titled
"The Last Leaf" which was written by
a man named O. Henry who lived from
1862–1910. This rendition is a good
example of energy psychology and
the power of symbolism to uplift,
heal and to transform.

The Leaf


here once was a little girl who
was very sick and confined
to bed. Winter was coming.

Her father was terribly distraught
and deeply scared that she would die.

Truthfully, his daughter was ready to
pass away. She told him that she did
not think she would live another day.

To encourage her to hang on, her father
quickly looked around the room ... and then
out the window to find something — anything! —
to help his daughter live to see tomorrow.

Outside, up against the fence in the backyard,
he saw that his six grape vines had just one
small, dried-up leaf remaining on their canes.
The lonely brown leaf quivered in the cold wind
as it tried to hang on to the very scrawny branch
that it called home.

Pointing to the bare vines, the father said:

“Honey ... do you see that little leaf out there?”

“Yes” she whispered.

Her father: “All the other leaves have fallen and
blown away, but that one is holding on. Sometimes
there is a little leaf that holds on all the way through
the Winter ... all the way through the darkest nights
and coldest days of the year — it holds on all the way
until Spring.”

“Now ... I know if that little leaf can do it ... you can too.
Will you try?”

The little girl looks at the leaf, and says “ok” ... not really
committing herself, but thinking that it is an interesting idea.

And so the day passes and she occasionally looks out to the leaf. In her heart she is feeling that the leaf is holding on, and she is too ... at least for this moment.

She goes to sleep and the next day she wakes up and remembers the little leaf. She casually looks outside and sees that it too, is still here, just like her. This puts a little smile on her face.

On and on, day after day through the Winter, she plays a little game with the leaf: Inside herself, she has a sweet relationship with the leaf. The little leaf is good for her. Both of them are still, somehow, present and making their way through the cold Winter.

As the weeks go by, her “hanging on” turns into real healing as she starts feeling a little better every day. Finally, her healing momentum picks up and she truly starts getting better and better! She still can't get out of bed, but her strength grows along with her spirits. Amazingly, she now has a full spiritual connection with the little leaf which brings her great joy, hope and happiness.

Finally, the days start warming up and the daffodils rise from the cold fertile soil. The birds are singing and flying, carrying twigs in their beaks to build their nests. Delicate green buds are appearing on the maples. She really is on her way to health and now has enough strength to walk.

While alone one morning, she gets out of bed for the first time and slowly steps around the room. It feels wonderful to be alive and to move on her own!

She has long-planned that her very first journey out of the house will be to visit the little leaf, and now is the time!

She slowly makes her way out into the backyard and the warm sun, to visit the little friend who helped her through the frozen Winter and darkest nights of her soul.

As she approaches the grapevines, she notices that the leaf looks a little funny. She draws closer and closer ... and she can't quite figure out what she is seeing.

Now, she stands right in front of the grapevine and is looking at the branch that clings to the wooden fence.

Suddenly, she realizes that a little brown leaf is actually not there! ... It probably hasn't been there for the whole Winter.

In a stunning moment of silence, the little girl realizes that her Dad ... in his great love for her ... had painted a little brown leaf on the fence.



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