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Welcome to the Galleries of Inspiration on the Soul Connection Network website. This page is for the story "You come from a Family of Light" by Teka Luttrell.

Soul Stories by Teka Luttrell

You come from the
Family of Light

Rise of the Radiant Goddess
You come from a family
of galaxies that exist towards
the center of the Grand Universe,
where you live as a particle of God:
an immortal soul. You are a member
of an alliance of souls that are known as
the Shining Ones or the Family of Light.

As an offspring of the Creator, you have
Its abilities. One ability is to create particles
of your own Self and send them out on journeys
of exploration. These conscious particles of your
Self are like the eyes and ears of the Creator
so She may see, hear and feel the Universe.
These particles are also the Creator’s
emissaries, as they carry the spirit
and sense of God, Herself,
into the infinite vastness.

As an immortal soul, you send these
God fragments of your very own Self,
on journeys into the new frontiers of the
expanding Universe with other soul-particles
from the Shining Ones. Our group specializes
in reincarnating into human forms within
3D worlds that float in time and space.

You have been spiritually, emotionally,
culturally and scientifically educated
to take missions that are expressed
across thousands of lifetimes, to help
transform the human races that you
serve, into reflections of the divine
essence from which they sprang.

One of the God particles of your
greater Self, the immortal Soul,
quietly pulses within the kind,
gentle, brilliant and joyful
person, reading this




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