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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration


  Music Player, Set #1:
The 7 albums in this Music Player contain a diverse sampling of 67 compositions from Soulfood Media, the Wingmakers and Lyricus. The words on the page below that describe each album are copied from the websites of Soulfood and the Wingmakers.

Click the album titles below to listen. The music plays in the background in a continuous loop and you are free to explore other areas of this site or anywhere on the web ... and the music will accompany you.

Café Sant FeCafé Santa Fe
Click title to preview

Artists: Soulfood & Ra Music.
Produced by: Soulfood Media.

DJ Free and Emmy® winner Ron Cohen, Ra Music, innovatively merge Spanish guitar, atmospheric soundscapes and downtempo beats with chill grooves to take you to a place where the Southwest and European café culture meet. The beautiful desert Southwest and its rich culture, art and music inspire this melodic journey. The perfect compliment to your next soiree or dinner party.

Special guests include keyboards, organ, piano and Rhodes by Peter Schimke; woodwinds by Richard Hardy; drum kit by Stokley Williams of Mint Condition; Native chants by Ojibwe elder Anakwad and Grammy® winner Rita Coolidge and bass by Enrique Toussaint.

Shaman’s WayShaman’s Way
Click title to preview

Artists: Soulfood with Brent Lewis & Rita Coolidge.
Produced by Soulfood Media.

Take a musical journey through Native American and indigenous cultures with two-time Grammy Winner & Walela member Rita Coolidge, renowned percussionist Brent Lewis & Soulfood. Deep bass, hypnotic didgeridoo, woodwinds, global chants and sax join contemporary beats and esoteric soundscapes.

Special guests include Rhodes, keyboards, piano and organ by Peter Schimke; additional percussion by Jayson Fann; bass by Enrique Toussaint; Sax and woodwinds by Richard Hardy; flute by Bettine Clemen; didgeridoo by Mike Koenigs; Maori chants by Arapata and Native chants by Anakwad.

Mystic CanyonsMystic Canyons
Click title to preview

Artists: Soulfood with Anakwad, Rita Coolidge, Brent Lewis & Richard Hardy.
Produced by Soulfood Media.

A musical journey through the landscapes of the desert Southwest and mystical badlands with cinematic orchestration and indigenous instrumentation. Nature sounds, acoustic guitar, and grand piano are blended with chants by Ojibwe elder Anakwad and two-time Grammy® winner Rita Coolidge, percussion by master percussionist Brent Lewis and Native flutes and woodwinds by Richard Hardy.

Entering DreamtimeEntering Dreamtime
Click title to preview

Artists: Inlakesh & Soulfood.
Produced by Soulfood Media.

Entering Dreamtime, a didgeridoo CD, features the tribal rhythms, chants and mystical sounds of Inlakesh. Joining Inlakesh is DJ Free of Soulfood who delicately mixes soundscapes, native flute, organic percussion, nature sounds and esoteric synthesizer. The combination of these artists creates a CD that moves the listener through the aboriginal outback of Australia to the mesmerizing soul of Tibetan culture.

Hakomi Chamber 3 & Lyricus the Grand PortalThe Wingmakers:
“Hakomi Chamber 3” and
“Lyricus: The Grand Portal”

Click title to preview

Produced by: the Wingmakers and Lyricus.

There are 17 tracks in this album which compose a fluid sampling of Hakomi Chamber 3 and Lyricus: The Grand Portal CDs.

The music of Hakomi Chamber 3 is a mystical journey into a melodic soundscape that fuses an amazing array of vocals and chants with acoustic instrumentation and electronic sounds that are both ethereal and mesmerizing. The CD consists of a single composition that flows uninterruptedly for 75 minutes, making it amongst the longest compositions ever produced.

Chamber 3 flows effortlessly like a great river, inviting the listener to experience a musical adventure that expands and deepens consciousness as if the music itself were a teacher. The composition is a sophisticated melding of styles, voices, and instrumentation that summons the mind and heart to listen.

Lyricus: The Grand Portal, is an engaging journey into the Heart of All Things. It is an inspiring blend of orchestral movements and vocal chants supported by the rich and diverse textures of masterful percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and subtle, mysterious counter-melodies. The exuberant sense of adventure that accompanies its flowing compositional structure is both undeniable and inspiring.

Melodically, there is great potency in this CD, with sweeping, pastoral orchestral movements that draw your attention internallyóto the region of the innermost heart. It seems as if the compositions are movements of the spirit, designed to entrain the heart to a new level of expression and buoyancy.

Yoga RhythmYoga Rhythm
Click title to preview

Artists: Soulfood & Brent Lewis.
Produced by Soulfood Media.

Mesmerizing music for Yoga/Movement that blends rhythmic percussion, Soulfood’s soothing melodies, warm synthesizer, ambient grooves, exotic flutes, mystical sitar, grand piano and mantras. Accompanying Soulfood are percussionists Brent Lewis and Jayson Fann, sitarist T. Gordon Anderson and jazz and classical pianist Peter Schimke.

Special guests include Grand piano by Peter Schimke; sitar by T. Gordon Anderson; percussion solos by Jayson Fann; mantras by Zat; and didgeridoo by Mike Koenigs.

Soulfood consulted Kripalu Yoga Fellowship President Jonathon Foust, Yoga/ Movement instructors and Swami Shivalingam Saraswati, Yoga Master from Nepal, to bridge together the sacred practice of Yoga with the art of musical composition.

Sky SpiritSky Spirit
Click title to preview

Artist: Anakwad & Soulfood.
Produced by Soulfood Media.

Sky Spirit features Ojibwe elder Frank “Anakwad” Montano whose Native American flute and chants are blended with sound design and ambience by DJ Free. The combination creates music that takes the listener on a hypnotic journey with Native American flute, sacred chants, nature sounds and ambient realms. Perfect for massage and relaxation. Anakwad’s music has sold over 500,000 units world wide.

At the top of every page is a Music Player button. When clicked, you zoom down the page to the Music Player. In the Player, click the links to the music you want and the songs will play in the background ... in a continuous loop.
More music from other artist coming soon ...
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