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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
ART BY:  Teka | Wingmakers

GALLERIES of INSPIRATION > Organic Home Vegetable Gardening

Organic Home Vegetable Gardening
Photos of my gardens and intro to my growing methods

Teka's Vegetable Garden

 grow organically in no-till garden beds that are planted via the French Intensive Method. Open pollinated seeds are used so that the garden produces an amazing abundance of the most delicious food as well as the seeds that will grow into next year’s garden.

The sustainable gardener’s long-term aim is to nourish the soil so that it is so incredibly rich, so alive, organic, deep and loose ...
that you no longer turn over the soil with a shovel, or use a rototiller.

Every season of the year, year after year, thoughout the entire life of the garden — whether plants are present or not — the conscious gardener will never step foot in the garden beds as that
compresses the soil that is the sacred home for plant roots. All year long, all work in the garden — spreading compost, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, building trellisis, making new beds — is done from the pathways in between the beds. Ideally: no human will ever step foot in the garden beds for decades, and the soil structure will grow more and more loose, year after year.

I plant by the French Intensive Method

Again: the highest intention is to grow plants in your own back yard that have the most incredible tastes, that are beautiful, healthy and full of vitality — plants that are naturally self-replicating — without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and without having to disturb the garden soil by turning it over with a shovel or machine.

Plant selection and seed saving 

carefully choose open pollinated plant varieties and grow dozens to hundreds of them to maturity. From this group I select the most robust, most beautiful, the best, happiest, healthiest, most disease free, insect tolerant, and absolute tastiest plants ... I cross them ... and let them go to seed.

I save a few of the best-looking seeds for next year’s garden ... and I allow the birds to take a good quantity of the seeds, as well. But here’s a real amazing trick to creating a self-replicating, naturalized vegetable, flower and herb ecosystem: I take the dried heads from the best, healthiest, tastiest plants — that are still full of seeds — and shake them throughout the garden. In this way, thousands of plants will come up on their own next year — without me planting the seeds or turning over the soil — and all of them are perfectly designed to grow with great vitality in my garden's particular micro-climate.

Giant Naturalized Sunflowers surrounding a 6 foot ladder

While still only a few inches tall, of those thousands of plants that came up on their own, I use my experience and intuition as a gardener to once again select the healthiest individuals. I weed out the rest, which gives the ones that I've selected the room to grow with the diversity of plants in the garden community. Each year I repeat this process ... and every year the variety grows more robust and healthy.

For many varieties of plants, I no longer have to plant them in the classic, old-fashioned way that gardeners do ... as they have become
naturalized in my garden’s ecosystem. They come up on their own and by their nature they are a perfect match with the soil, light, air, insects, humans and animals that make-up the totality of the home garden’s existence.

Growing plants that have incredible vibrancy

Giant Red Amaranth

his beautiful Giant Red Amaranth above, is 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall.
A typical healthy, mature red amaranth is 1/10th this size. To the left you can see a 7-foot tall tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) ... a plant that many gardeners are more familiar with. The reason for this amaranth’s life-energy and size is not only attributed to my selection of the most robust individuals year after year, but also because the soil is so amazingly rich, alive, deep and loose. The bed in which the amaranth is growing, has not been stepped in by any human foot in 15 years. Not compressing the soil in any way over long periods of time makes a huge difference in the vitality of the plants that are grown.


This is my current favorite-tasting tomato variety ...
Japanese Black Trifele

My favorite seed company is the tiny, clearly focused Seeds Trust. You have to
use Google Chrome or Safari web browsers to correctly view their website.

I’ve also received seeds and highly recommend these seed sources: Baker Creek, Bountiful Gardens, High Mowing, Seed Savers Exchange, Seeds of Change, Territorial Seed Company and Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

New movie: Vanishing of the Bees.

A project that I have no direct experience with, but that appears to be on the right track and is worth exploring is The Seed Ambassadors Project.

Apple blossoms in Spring ...

Apple Blossoms

I also greatly appreciate the work of Michael Pollan, Ecology Action, Beeologics and Native Seeds SEARCH.

Copia is another of my favorite-tasting tomato varieties ...

Enlightened, Intelligent Gardening ...

There are 5 videos in this playlist that feature Dr. Alan Kaplur, the creator of Seeds of Change, a philosphical genius and incredible, clear-thinking visionary.

Looking forward to ...

I've not tried this one yet, but I want to have it in my gardens as soon as possible. It is a open pollinated sweet corn from Seeds Trust called Glass Gem:

Glass Gem from Seeds Trust

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