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Galleries of Inspiration

You ... unlimited quantum being
The 7 sections in GALLERIES of INSPIRATION are unique islands of energy and information that visitors use as Touchstones to quickly uplift their energy and to expand their point of view.
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he energy that nourishes, incubates and encourages our brightest ideas, dreams and feelings is
inspiration. To help inspiration resonate within you, I’ve created this special section of galleries where you can experience visionary art, music, movies, spoken word recordings, poetry, stunning astronomical images, and special one-of-a-kind website experiences that move the soul. I’ll keep this section up-to-date with the newest and best content.

Use the Galleries sections as Touchstones to instantly
uplift and optimize your personal electromagnetic field,
and to re-orient your inner vision to a more expanded,
positive and wholistic point of view.

How to use the Galleries to fine tune your energy

Come to the Galleries section with the idea that you will receive an energy boost. Visit this section knowing that your point of view will be re-oriented to greater harmony and inspiration.

Using the Galleries for these purposes is easy, enjoyable and intuitive. All you do is click into the Galleries section and allow yourself to instinctively find and play content that you are drawn to. As you experience the content, its energetic patterns flow through your senses and mixes with your inner energetic make-up. Your energy and point of view will be influenced, uplifted, expanded and harmonized. The effect may be dramatic at times ... or very soft, subtle, and invisible at other times ... but the main thing is to “just do it” when you want
energetic upliftment and to be touched by inspiration.

A visit to the Galleries takes only seconds or minutes during the day, which is all that is needed to connect with positive, benevolent, energy-transforming experiences.

Intro to the 7 sections in the

Artwork  {136 images}
This area of the Gallery contains visionary computer graphics, illustrations, and mystical paintings. Currently we have pages of the artwork by Teka Luttrell (the creator of this website) and another of the incredible works by the Wingmakers.

Music  {67 compositions in 7 albums}
There are 7 albums on this page that contain a diverse sampling of 67 compositions from Soulfood Media and the Wingmakers. Click the album titles to play the music. The music plays in the background, in a continuous loop. This is soulful, global music that integrates ambient, pop and contemporary hip-hop beats with cross-cultural chants, evoking an ethnic blend of India, Native America, and beyond. Complex rhythms, percussive textures, and stirring melodies strike a rare balance between classical form and ambient atmospherics. African drums, Native American flute, Australian didgeridoo, piano, cello and other instruments weave a timeless tapestry through which mysterious vocals are threaded. Occasionally rising to the surface of the melodic stream are mesmerizing chants that reverberate in the listener’s soul, instantly transporting them on journeys to the outer edges of this world, this life ... and others.

Videos & Interactive Media  {71 movies}
This is my current favorite section of the Gallery and in it we have inspirational, thought-provoking movies and interactive media to play, experience, and absorb. Most are short movies. Topics include mysticism, cosmology, paradigm shift, philosophy, physics, the Unified Field, social artistry, visionary arts, ecology, botany and astronomy.

Websites  {2 websites ... more coming soon}
This page has introductions and links to very unique, one-of-a-kind website experiences that move the soul.

Beautiful Universe  {40 images ... many more coming soon}
This page features some of the most illuminating photos of the physical cosmos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and other such instruments.

Spoken Word  {28 recordings ... more on the way}
This is a page of audio recordings by gifted speakers in the areas of science, spirituality, psycho-coherence, futurism and social artistry.

Poetry  {20 pieces ... many more coming soon}
Special poetry that quiets the mind, makes one ponder, and opens the heart to the mysterious and divine.

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