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Free Downloads: The Wingmakers and the Lyricus Teaching Order materials. Free articles and a
book about consciousness, philosophy, cosmology of the universe, the soul, and the spiritual path.

The Wingmakers & the Lyricus Teaching Order

Lyricus Teaching Order  |  The Wingmakers  | 
Attributed to First Source

All of the files below are free, but they are copyrighted
materials and are not for resale. They are intended for
personal use only, though you are encouraged to
share them with friends.

NOTE: When you click these links, you are downloading the English versions.
Many of these essays are also available in 9 additional languages that can
be downloaded from the Wingmakers website download page or the
Event Temples download page.

By the Lyricus Teaching Order:
Living from the HeartLiving from the Heart
54-page pdf, 1mb

The ultimate intro to the art and science of living from the heart, the 6 heart virtues, the individual and collective human electromagnetic fields and their positive and negative orientations. This is the main document to read and absorb for participants in the Event Temples project, and for all those who love or are interested in heart-based living.

Click this link if you would like the high-resolution version of this document, which is 6.2mb.

The Rising HeartThe Rising Heart
An excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony
14-page pdf, 4.3mb

This is the first released work from
Liminal Cosmogony, the core philosophy of the Lyricus Teaching Order. In this inaugural paper, Lyricus shares an esoteric and powerful technique known as the “Rising Heart” that is used to activate the teachers of light.

Which-When-How PracticeWhich-When-How Practice
A guide for everyday use
125-page pdf, 1.9mb

One of the key elements that James discusses in his
Living from the Heart paper is the practice of When-Which-How; the centerpiece for practitioners of the six heart virtues. John Berges, a gifted practitioner, was asked to write a guide that others could use to help them understand how to apply this important practice to their everyday lives. For those of you who have already read the paper, Living from the Heart, you will find this e-book a perfect companion. James has written a Foreword that describes the purpose of the practice, while Mr. Berges articulates the process of applying the practice in one’s everyday life.

The Art of the GenuineThe Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative
14-page pdf, 2.9mb

This essay introduces the 6 Heart Virtues as the energetic sources for both perception and expression of the eternal soul that dwells within the human form.

“The self is contained in the energetic heart and moves outward from its platform of heart virtues into all dimensions–both material and non-physical. The heart virtues consist of appreciation, humility, valor, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Many other shades exist, but these are the fundamental virtues or frequencies that produce the platform structure of the energetic heart and from which the realm of self or soul operates.”

The Energetic HeartThe Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny
14-page pdf, 2.3mb

This essay is an explanation of the energetic heart and how it functions as the essential intuitive guidance system of the human being. Its central role in human evolution is explained and how an individual’s energetic heart is connected to the vibrating hearts of the human family, as well as the electromagnetic field of the planet, and ultimately to First Source.

“Your energetic heart is multi-leveled and holographic, meaning that it encompasses the dimensions of life that range from the mundane, dense, three-dimensional environment to the mystical and supernal dimensions of First Source. At its core energetic frequency it is coupled to the grid of love that interpenetrates all dimensions and all life. At the point of this coupling, the heart beats within the soul, similar to how its rhythms pulse through the body electromagnetically.”

pageCoherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness
9-page pdf, 488k

Through the entrainment of an open-hearted listener, to harmonies present in certain music, the primal vibration of the soul carrier (the body-mind-emotional vehicle of the listener) can migrate to new levels of vibration that are more aligned and supportive to the spiritual purpose in which the immortal soul chose to incarnate.

pageVision of Mantustia
3-page pdf, 24k

This is one of my all-time favorites. Mantustia is a member of the Lyricus Teaching Order in a group known as the Divine Counselors. He is a master of the use of words as sound frequency — embued with meaning — to help catalyze positive transformations in those who are fortunate to come within the realm of his energy.

pageManifesto of the Sovereign Integral
2-page pdf, 32k

pageLyricus Discourse 1: Experiencing the Wholeness Navigator
10-page pdf, 124k

pageLyricus Discourse 2: Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator
20-page pdf, 144k

pageLyricus Discourse 3: The Nature of Knowledge
23-page pdf, 136k

pageLyricus Discourse 4: Universe Relationship
10-page pdf, 136k

pageLyricus Discourse 5: The Interface Zone
17-page pdf, 136k

pageLyricus Discourse 6: Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence
21-page pdf, 128k

pageLyricus Teachers and Methodologies
13-page pdf, 164k

pageRelationship of Lyricus to Human Species
9-page pdf, 160k

2-page pdf, 92k

pageExcerpts from Liminal Cosmogony
11-page pdf, 164k

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By the Wingmakers:
Ancient Arrow ProjectAncient Arrow Project
259 pages e-book pdf, 1.5mb

This story is one of the first myths shared with modern day humanity by the Lyricus Teaching Order. Lyricus bears responsibility for shepherding humankind to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe. They employ a variety of sensory data streams to awaken a species, ranging from music, books, art, science and mythology. To many readers, engaging with the
Ancient Arrow Project story serves as a catalysts for the expansion of their own evolutionary consciousness, as well as a personal calling card from the Lyricus Teaching Order as they tread softly among the species they serve.

Visit our
Glossary in Depth for more info:
pageClick here to read the “Ancient Arrow Project Prologue.”

pagePhilosophy Chamber 1: Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral
8-page pdf, 152k

pagePhilosophy Chamber 2: The Shifting Models of Existence
10-page pdf, 172k

pagePhilosophy Chamber 3: The Blueprint of Exploration
8-page pdf, 136k

pagePhilosophy Chamber 4: Beliefs and Their Energy Systems
11-page pdf, 176k

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Attributed to First Source:
pageMy Central Message
2-page pdf, 36k

pageMy Central Purpose
3-page pdf, 28k

pageMy Central Revelation
3-page pdf, 68k

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