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Free Downloads: Essays by Teka. Free spiritual articles and
beautiful visual essays about consciousness, the soul, and the spiritual path.

Essays by Teka


The Pathway The Pathway
6-page pdf, 1.8mb
This uses visual symbolism and story
to illustrate the path of those who explore
the inner realms. It is 6 pages long, but
it takes less than a minute to read and
absorb. This is a good one to pass
along to others via email attachment.

The routine functioning of the Personal Inner Hologram HOLOGRAPHIC AWARENESS:
The routine functioning of the
Personal Inner Hologram

10-page pdf, 3mb
This rich visual essay illustrates the normal ebb and flow of thoughts, feelings and associative memories that appear and disappear in the inner theater of the Personal Inner Hologram. It is 10 pages in length, but can be read and understood in a minute or two as large pieces of visionary art fill 9 of its pages. This is a good one to share with friends who love meditation and psychology.

The Regular Guy & the Whole Self The Regular Guy & the Whole Self
11-page pdf, 1.9mb
Who do you think you are? Whose thoughts and feelings are flowing through you? This essay is for meditators, people on a spiritual path, and students of psychology and physics who are able to step beyond the force fields of ego and be a quiet, open and honest presence in the spacious theater of their inner world.

Within the Beholder Within the Beholder
1 extra-tall pdf page, 1mb
This is a vertical stack of images that convey a message as the viewer progresses from image to image, down the page. When the pdf first opens, begin by zooming into the top image so that it becomes big enough to fill up your whole screen.

pageThe Story of the Central Race
Mythology & Cosmology of the Wingmakers
22-page pdf, 2.4mb

This essay paints a picture of the race that the Wingmakers, Lyricus and all humans are part of: the Central Race. Their origins, relationships, metaphysics and explorations are discussed. There is little mention of the Central Race throughout the stories and myths of the world, making this a rare addition to the subject.

Intro to OBEIntroduction to the OBE {The Out of Body Experience}
9-page pdf, 760k
This explains what OBE is, not how its done. In this essay you will find that the OB experience is not just for mystics, the super-psychic, or people who some may think are nuts. The out of body experience is a common, ordinary, completely natural function of awareness that happens with everyone ... usually unconsciously, but it can happen consciously as well.

6-page pdf, 612k
All of us are lovers of love, are we not? In the deepest recesses of our minds, in our most private thoughts, we all have secretly wondered: What is love? Where does it come from? Why does it appear and disappear? Can I get more of it!? And, the best question of all: What is True Love? Believe it or not, this essay has a few answers.

Originally written for a wedding, this thoughtful, universal and timeless piece actually has something new to say. It can be read privately or out loud with beautiful results. Lovely cover art, too. Download, keep, print and freely pass along to friends via email.

This essay is also part of the four essays composing the Quiet Center of Stillness section of this website.

pageMirror Neurons: An Introduction
28-page pdf, 260k
This is an introduction for the lay person to the incredible world of mirror neurons. It is a compilation of relevant articles and news stories from around the world, book excerpts, concepts, key phrases and brief explanations. Compiled by Teka Luttrell on November 12, 2006.

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