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Creator's Workshop > Empower your dreams with the Law of Attraction

he Creator’s Workshop is a highly entertaining,
enlightening, interactive and fun 14-day online course created by intuitive counselor and visionary Sollena K. Morginn.

Click here to see a sample day of the Creator's Workshop

The whole 2-week workshop costs only $25 or you can buy one week at a time for $15 each.

$25 Creator’s Workshop,
Complete 2-Week Program
$15 Creator’s Workshop,
Week 1
$15 Creator’s Workshop,
Week 2

earn who you are as a Creator and how the Universe responds to your vibrations. Clarify what you want to create ... including your highest dreams. Practice using your natural creative abilities in thoughts, words, imagination, feelings and beliefs to create your most joyful, abundant and desired personal realities.

Reading and absorbing the materials, and watching the videos takes from a few minutes to a half-hour a day.

When you wake up each morning, you will find an email from Sollena that contains a link to todays Creator’s Workshop. Click the link and you will zoom into a beautiful, easy-to-read web page that contains the main essay on today’s topic, original visionary art, inspirational videos and empowering messages from leaders in the field of human transformation, science and spirituality.

In 14 days you will learn:
. You are a vibrational being who lives in a vibrational, conscious and highly-responsive Universe.
. You are an immortal spiritual being — a Creator ... you are a child of the Creator of the Universe.
. As a Creator, you use your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and imagination to create your reality.
. You have the ability to create realities that you desire ... which include the ordinary things of life as well as your highest dreams.
. Learn how your energies interact with the quantum field and the Law of Attraction to deliver custom-made personal realities for you to experience.
. You will clarify who you are, and what you want to create.
. You will find what makes you most excited and what gives you the greatest joy.
. For two weeks, you will focus upon your highest dreams and begin turning them into reality.
. You will learn about your personal inner guidance system that tells you what is good for you, and what paths to follow.
. In 14 days, you will have fun, laugh, be amazed with your new insights, discover how magnificent you are, learn to be positive and take journeys on new, creative pathways, within.
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