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The Soul Connection Network The Soul Connection Network
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The SCN is part of the greater, all-encompassing, All That Is Network

e cherish the diversity of humankind and marvel at the unique expressions of billions of people. We often wonder how great and mysterious it is ... and to think that all that the human family is and will be ... we are just a minute fragment of All That Is.

The network that we’ve been talking about — the Soul Connection Network (SCN) that is the natural telepathic communication system for the human family — is not a self-contained, isolated island. It is set into a much larger network. The SCN is vast and mysterious, but it’s simply a small intranet of a much greater network. The larger network that the SCN is set into, is the network of Everything. In this grand, universal network, the thoughts, feelings, memories, visions and dreams of all species and things flow. It is called the All That Is Network (aka: the ATIN).

In the ATIN flow the holographic impressions and feelings of all of Life. You, I, and our entire species are connected to the larger network, as the SCN is intimately woven into it ... like silver fibers that are part of the composition of a greater tapestry.

An individual’s point of connection to the All That Is Network, is in the same area as our connection to the SCN of our species ... it is inside us.

You are a Creator. You are making, attracting and customizing your personal reality. Now, if a Creator says that things are separate from her, and that she does not know what others are thinking and feeling ... then so be it! The Creator is making that reality flow to her, for her to experience. On the other hand, if she orients herself to express unity and wholeness, and allows herself to flow with the thoughts and feelings of others, then so be it! She will have empathy for them, and see the world from their point of view. She is not a victim of a Creator, she is the Creator, Herself. That is, she is an offspring of God, and God is living through her.

Cross-species communications through the All That Is Network

The message contained in the paragraph above can also be applied to cross-species communications. That is: why can’t you flow with the feelings and sensations from birds, insects, trees, a deer and even the planet? You can! But the first thing is to say “I can,” which opens your energetic gateway of awareness on the All That Is Network. If you say “it is impossible” or “it is hard to do” then you as a Creator are making a command to bring to experience that it is impossible or at least hard to flow with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and points of view of other species.

The first step to becoming aware of the feelings, thoughts, and holographic content that pulses from beings of other species, is to realize that you have a common inner center with them. Earlier we discussed the idea, that inside yourself is a vast region of stillness and emptiness and from that place, all of multi-dimensional Creation flows. The Quiet Center of Stillness and emptiness inside yourself, where even your identity no longer exists (or you might say, exists side-by-side, and equally with everything else) ... that center is not your exclusive property. That center is common to everyone and everything. It is a center that is EVERYWHERE ... and has a circumference which is nowhere. And so, when we say that the same center is EVERYWHERE ... we mean it. The same center is in every bird, fish, bug, tree, planet, galaxy and grain of sand. And so the first step to communicating with other species is to realize that you have a center in common.

The second step is to make the command (inside yourself) that such communication can be done — and it will happen! This effectively sets the energetic stage for the reality to flow to you. You've opened the gateway and are allowing the energy and spirit to flow in their own time.

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Seemingly solid, separate beings, are really vast, atmospheric, inter-connected, spiritual life forms

Now, what is it like to engage with other beings in this way? Well, each person is different, as your ISL translation mechanism is configured just for YOU — it is set to relate to your current preferences, understanding and beliefs. But, in the differences, there's also something in common: You may recall when I originally introduced the Soul Connection Network, I said that through the SCN “beings are sharing messages about who they are, what they are seeing, feeling, thinking and dreaming. Now, most of the messages that we are seeing, when we are dialed into another, are abstract, atmospheric and wordless ... as in fact, this is the true nature of all beings.”

In other words, we may think that we are this well-defined person with a name, clothes, assets and all that, but in reality we are this spacious, abstract, vast, holographic spiritual being. Each of us is an outpost of consciousness who can barely be described in words. And so when we reach out to connect with others, we often receive very abstract feelings and perhaps incomprehensible spacious sensations ... because that is actually who and what they are! That is every being's true nature.

Now, living in that vast, abstract, true nature of a being, is also their current identity. But, the current identity that they are so focused on, is only a tiny speck of who they really are, in all their original, true, spiritual vastness. In every being’s true spiritual nature, lives all their identities, all their incarnations, and actually all the personalities that they have every explored. Get it? We are God fragments who are flowing in a river of All That Is, and so our current main identity in this life, is just a tiny speck of who we are.

Welcome the abstract, incomprehensible nature of a being ... as in it are packets of feelings, perceptions and galleries of images that swirl in its holographic resonance

And so, when we reach out to connect with a giant oak tree, a flower, or a bird flying by ... we instantly start flowing with what they are — INSTANTLY! Our first impression is usually a spacious, abstract, atmospheric feeling. You may think that it is nothing or meaningless, but the thing that we are tuned-into is actually a spacious, abstract, atmospheric entity ... and you are, too. If you say that these impressions are nothing, then you as a creator of personal reality are pushing their content and messages away from you. If you say that these impression are something and you are grateful for them, then you as a Creator are accepting them, trusting yourself, and pulling their content and meaning into your personal reality.

Now, inside that spaciousness of the flower, tree or bird that you are tuned-into, there is more info — most of it also abstract but highly orchestrated. If you are accepting, sensitive and benevolent to what the universe is offering you in that packet of spaciousness, then through your awareness may effortlessly flow their feelings or sense of community, their connections to an intimate family, and you may receive images from their personal holographic reality.

What I’ve just described above is the natural, spontaneous, benevolent use and functioning of what some people refer to as remote viewing ... who’s popular description and military-political orientation is a distortion of its innate purpose. In natural holographic awareness, remote viewing unfolds spontaneously without the slightest bit of effort. It is a normal part of being alive and connected to others, the environment and the cosmos. It is beautiful and mysterious ... a gift to one and all that keeps the universe alive, awake and flowing.

The Soul Connection Network
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