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In meditation
decades ago,
I fell into true love
with the Silence
of the Universe
and it became
a fundamental quality
of my center-most
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Teka Luttrell, creator of The Soul Connection Network website

We create beauty together We Create Beauty Together

About Teka, the creator of The Soul Connection Network,
Stories for Transformation and Soul Connection TV

Who am I? About the creator of this site.

My name is Teka Luttrell.
I’m an independent, nonprofit
researcher of meditation,
consciousness, identity and
the Presence. I work within
the spheres of direct, ongoing,
first-hand experiences, and I
faithfully translate and report
insight knowledge (bhavanamaya
nana). As an outsider, I’m not
attached to institutionalized,
traditional mediation techniques,
teachers, guidelines, suggestions,
stories, rules, concepts or beliefs ...
though I respectfully contemplate,
digest, and joyfully test-drive
them all.

I’m also the Creative Director
of the Soul Connection Network,
an organic gardener, visionary
artist, mystic poet and explorer
of the creative works attributed
to the Lyricus Teaching Order.

Creating Soul Connection’s
inspiring materials

We play in the inner fields of
energy, imagination, holographic
imagery and the Infinite.
The luminous realms inside ourselves
are the original canvases as our
creations first swirl into being from
the Quiet Center of Stillness within.

Treasures of light and meaning
become visible in the physical
as the understanding of
inner universes and the nature
and abilities of the Presence
are translated into art, symbols,
words and stories.

Our creations are vibrant energetic
packages that are designed to be
consumed through the physical
senses and assimilated into the
inner depths of beings all around
the world. Seen on computer screens,
our art travels as light, sound and energy
into the resonating inner worlds of the
observers. The reflections of our creations
cast benevolent and expansive influences
across the subtle fields of feelings, beliefs,
images and memories that compose
people’s hearts and minds.

As you know, personal and collective realities are
largely created from the inside-out. Hence, through
the delivery and absorption of inspirational content,
we acquire the ability to see, feel, imagine and
dream new worlds of beauty, unity and
harmony inside ourselves.


At first I was hesitant
to start this journey of creation,
thinking that I was unworthy and
knowing that my sincerest expressions
would certainly contain hundreds of mistakes.

But then an unexplainable courage arose in me.
I decided to throw my concerns to the wind and
bring what I was dreaming into the world,
giving birth to its fullness of beauty,
blemishes and all.

Once I found my heart’s orientation
I was fine letting it guide this creation.
Once I saw what it was able to do
I let its freedom reign.

TekaThe Family of Light


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