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The Presence Experience
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Ten new sections about the nature & abilities of the Presence, consciousness, identity and the future of meditation. All are translations of our ongoing, eyewitness, wide-awake, firsthand experiences. These new sections will become the central information of this site:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See details below.


The nature & abilities of the awake Presence, identity, consciousness & the future of meditation.
Open your heart and unfasten the seat belt that ties you to common, old-fashioned beliefs derived from other peoples’ thirdhand stories. Welcome to the world of your own first-hand, ongoing, wide-awake, original experiences of identity and consciousness.
The 10 new sections are not a religion, a spiritual movement, a business, or a workshop. They are free, faithful reports that transmit an understanding about who and what we are, as well as the Multiverse that we experience, from the point of view of the awake, transparent Presence.


A Meditator’s Multiverse*
The future of meditation.
Relax. Effortlessly stop conscious thoughts-dreams-memories-imagination, and float in timelessness — in less than the twinkle of an eye — while being supremely wide-awake. Practice the MM meditative arts to let go of or to select consciousness, to observe, stop, change, to harmonize psychic content & to explore the inner cosmos. Orchestrate primary urges, consciousness & energies to create styles of experiences that are healthy, fascinating & inspirational. Enjoy the tranquility, emptiness & silence that underlie All of Existence. Appreciate the self-harmonizing, self-healing & self-realization abilities that are natural expressions of Presence — which is who and what you are.

Presence Orientation*
The significance of how beliefs, feelings, preferences, and energies configure a Presence to form identities. Identities then, experience certain realms of consciousness that relate to and support themselves. Hence, the ways in which a Presence is oriented in the atmospheres of psychic existence, spontaneously generates pathways and consciousness for the Presence to experience. A meaningful, life-expanding endeavor is for a Presence to consciously manage its orientation.

The Presence Biome*
Introduction to the 3 types of Presences: Source, Collectives and Members, and how they quietly and harmoniously exist and function as YOU.

The Teachings of Source Presence*
Self-knowledge is shared about who & what we are as non-physical, transparent Presences, the raw materials of consciousness that express and reflect All of Existence WITHIN every being, as well as the tools of awareness that we use to have experiences.

Presence Collectives*
Join us to explore the unity & diverse communities of Presences that are vital parts of our identities, experiences & expressions.

Presence Cosmology*
Theories describing the origins, nature, properties, abilities, relationships and future of the awake Presence on local and Universal scales — from the Big Bang to the end of time.

Consciousness &
All of Existence

Consciousness — a media of expression for All of Existence — is defined and described by the Presence, from its ongoing, eyewitness, first-hand experiences.

The Attention
The nature, abilities, mechanics, creative powers and limitations of the psychic organ used by the Presence to focus on certain topics or things in the infinite realms of consciousness that you, the Presence, want to experience.

The ongoing, first-hand, perfectly blended experience of Presence + Consciousness.

“Before The Presence Experience, people had no significant ideas about what the Presence is or how it works. After PE's fundamental insights are assimilated, the nature of Presence is understood and harnessed as a positive force to uplift humankind.”
“Consciousness effortlessly radiates from All of Existence and is reflected within every being. Positive spiritual evolution is not defined by increasing consciousness, as consciousness is free, everywhere, constant, and in infinite supply. Positive spiritual evolution happens by expanding one’s center-most identity through continual, awake, first-hand, ordinary experiences ... which generates enlightened understandings ... which then allows you to select and orchestrate consciousness.”

“One day, the knowledge of the Presence will be an axiom — an idea that is so evident, understood, and well-established, that it’s accepted without controversy as it’s obvious to all.”

“Presence Realism means that Presence exists independently of the human mind. Thus humans do not invent Presence, but rather discover it, and any intelligent beings in the universe would eventually do the same. Member Presences, Presence Collectives, and Source Presence, for examples, are actual entities, not the creations of the human mind.”

* Creative Commons License
15 December 2014: “The Presence Experience”, “Teachings of Source Presence”, “Presence Collectives”, “Presence Biome”, “Presence Cosmology”, “Presenceness”, “Meditator’s Multiverse” and “Presence Orientation” by The Soul Connection Network are bodies of works that are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on the works at Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available by contacting us.

The Soul Connection Network
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Welcome to a new way to see yourself, humankind and the Universe, through natural holographic consciousness.

Intro Movie

Welcome to Soul Connection
Our mission 
is to take you on
sacred inner journeys
that inspire awareness
of the innermost self — YOU,
the loving, immortal soul —
and to assist in the creation
of a new, harmonious,
joyful humankind.

soul c


• • •
soul connections

This website
is composed of over
500 pages of visionary art,
original essays, mystic poetry,
inspiring videos, news, music,
Stories for Transformation
& positive TV channels
that move the soul.
soul connection love
Our presentations
are designed to gently
expand your beliefs, the
morphic fields of the heart
and your inner holographic
experiences to new realms
of understanding and
soul connection relationship
Encoded within
these materials is the
essence of a truly remarkable
vision — not only of you,
Dear Reader, but of
humanity’s future,
 as well.
eternal soul connection

• • •
soul connection spirit

soul connection understanding
  The Wingmakers  
Wingmakers Chamber 4 Paintinghis website is a prism of unique reflection for the stories, philosophy and visions of a mysterious group called the Wingmakers and their teaching order Lyricus. Their expressions beautifully intertwine the areas of psychology, philosophy, music, art, science and spirituality with compelling modern-day myths, to take us — the explorers of the inner realms — on journeys to new destinations that are both highly fascinating and deeply unifying. Their materials deal with the evolution and purpose of humanity, life principles and values, how to accelerate the expansion of consciousness, cosmological structures of the universe and much, much more. I hope you find my translation of the Wingmakers to be interesting, and you are invited to explore them for yourself at

  soul connection wisdom   
  The Grand Portal Discovery  
The Grand Portaln the TRANSFORMATION section, I’m honored to pass along a most compelling story called The Grand Portal Discovery that describes an inspirational vision for our future. This story is such a captivating idea, one could easily say that all the essays, art work and momentum passed along to readers through this website are pointed to the Grand Portal Discovery. If you find this story interesting, I propose that we as Creators collectively hold it in our hearts and share it with others — knowing that this is how we set the foundation to attract, create and customize the harmonious, sustainable future that we desire.
  • • •  
  At first I was hesitant
to start this journey of creation,
thinking that I was unworthy and
knowing that my sincerest expressions
would certainly contain hundreds of mistakes.

But then an unexplainable courage arose in me.
I decided to throw my concerns to the wind and
bring what I was dreaming into the world,
giving birth to its fullness of beauty,
blemishes and all.

Once I found my heart’s orientation
I was fine letting it guide this creation.
Once I saw what it was able to do
I let its freedom reign.

TekaThe Family of Light
multidimensional soul connection

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